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The links below will take you to websites/posters on Lorne and other missing person's.  Please check them out....

All of these sites are important!  No one more than the other, except in the eye of the beholder.  Please go to these sites as all of these people that are missing are loved and wanted home.

Thank you in advance!

Louise   ~    Lorne Boulet's Aunt

Here is a link for a PRINTABLE FLIER for Lorne... 




For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be knkown.

Matthew 10:26


Site Dedication :   This site is dedicated to Jennifer, and Adrianna Wix. 
Jennifer and Adrianna Wix

Scott Dusa, , 



Kelly Dae Wilson went Missing on 1-5-92 from Gilmer, TX

Cayce Lynn McDaniel went Missing on 8-16-96 from Milan, TN


Search and Rescue:              Help Bring this Mother & Daughter Home!    We are all Praying for you Jenn & Nina !  With Love, All Searching for Lorne    Have you seen Ruth?  

         MISSING: Debra Ann Wilhite    Rachel Cooke missing from Texas.


Patricia Viola, wife and mother of two...  MISSING form Bogota, NJ

Mother and son missing since 1989

"AMALP" Non-profit Foundation Ministry

WWW.AMALP.ORG  Voice for the Missing

Ann Marie Lawrence - 11-22-2003 - CA

Beverly became missing in 2003.

This site contains many different missing persons.

Families Of Missing Loved Ones    Missing Great-Grandmother from Snowflake, Arizona    Missing Ryan Katcher    Missing since 1997


   Missing since August 26, 1995   Heather Danyelle Teague - Abducted August 26, 1995     Please view Heather's view clip.   Michael Allen Jarvi.    MISSING and suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia ~  PLEASE  VISIT HIS WEBSITE !    Amber has been missing since 2002, from Florida    3 Young Ladies went missing in 1974.  Please visit this site...    Tammy Belanger missing from Exeter, NH since November 13, 1984.  Anna Marie Scivetti   Where is LaQuanta Riley??  Please help this family find her.

MISSING:  Jim Joel Pearce of Texas

  Joshua Smith - 11-4-2000 - FL 
PLEASE View this video clip:
Kent Jacobs  ~  Missing from NC   November 25, 1991, then-11-year-old 

Suzanne Lyall  ~  New York



Audrey Nerenberg, (NY)  Suffers from Schizophrenia,   Missing since 1977    


    Claudia Perez, Missing from Wildwood, Florida, since October 5, 2004 

James Rowe, Missing since 7-30-2004 from Crestone, Colorado   


Click to enlarge.       Billy Smolinski  



*****  Found & Recovered : NEVER to be forgotten  *****

Police claiming this is a suicide ~ visit this site and judge for yourselves.  I do NOT believe it was.  Bless this family and lets pray for answers....

>>>    missing Wisconsin man, Clarence Rodstad         RECOVERED!   Our thoughts and prayers go out to Clarence's family during this tragic time.    I am ever so sorry that the outcome wasn't different.    With luv,  Louise   Here is the NEW site in Memory of Clarence Rogstad.   Thank you to the Rogstad family for sharing these photo's with me.   I will always be here for all of you, if you ever need me.   Love and Hugs,  Louise

>>>   With great sadness, I would like to have all know that Timothy Young has been RECOVERED!  May the Lord hold his family close.