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Special Thanks to "FindCarrieCulberson" for creating the wonderful banners.

Your hard work is truly appreciated!

Hugs to you from all of us!



Answers to "The Missing" quiz based solely on research...

B. Search and Rescue

A. Every 40 seconds

C. 890,000

A. The FBI

B. National Crime Information Center

A. Suzanne Lyall

B. Caucasion female, blonde haired, blue eyed, any age

C. A combined effort

A. Immediately

B. Within 24 hours

A. When foul play is suspected

B. When a child is abducted, and it is witnessed

C. 10 years of age

C. The family of missing Shawn Hornbeck of Missouri

A. Any adult would be eligible for an Amber Alert, should said adult have any mental incapacities. (i.e. mental illness, mental retardation, etc.)

Did you stumble upon the answer sheet and want a copy of the quiz???  E-mail me at...



Lorne with cousin, Tim