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The "original" Laci Peterson Ribbonmaker has struck again.....     Gina Ianniello has offered to make "Tribute Ribbons" for Lorne.

Anyone interested in receiving a "Remember Lorne Tribute" ribbon, can send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to...

      "Remember Lorne Tribute"

       923 Keiko Street

       Los Banos, California



Many thanks to Gina for her very kind heart and thoughtfulness!


Please take the time to visit Gina's website.  Her support to the families that are missing a loved one is so greatly appreciated...


Thank you Gina for this Beautiful ribbon.


Please view the Ribbon below and write to Gina for your Tribute Ribbon of Lorne.

** The ribbons with Lorne's name printed on them have been given to Lorne's parents.